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Entry Information

Date of Competition:

The competition will take place on April 10, 2017. Additional details to follow.

Entries Open:

Entries will open on February 6, 2017. The official entry form will be provided on-line at the 2017 National web site. Entries are open to one Newf and one Handler (a “Team”). Note: A handler and dog may only enter once. Entries Close: All entries must be received by midnight March 11, 2017. Entries are not considered received until both the official entry form and payment are received by the Event Committee.


On March 12, 2017 a drawing will be held in a public location (location to be announced on Facebook and anyone is welcome to attend) at which 3 Groups consisting of 6 Teams each, will be randomly drawn. Six alternates will also be selected in the case of a withdrawal.

Entry Fee:

The cost to enter is $75 and is non-refundable for the first 18 Teams drawn. The six alternates will receive refunds within 20 days after the event if not competing. We anticipate significant interest in the competition, so if you are not seriously planning on attending and competing, please do not take a spot from someone committed to the competition.

The Stages:

The competition consists of 3 stages - obedience, followed by draft and finally water. An explanation of the exercises is below. Two competitions will take place:

Team Competition:

Any Team (Handler/Newf) successfully completing all 3 stages of the competition will earn the title IRON DOG and will receive a medallion.

Group Competition:

To foster comradery within each Group and to encourage a bit of friendly rivalry between the Groups, the Group with the most qualifying Teams will receive a surprise award. All participants will receive a logo T-shirt and other goodies plus a certificate of completion even if the Team does not qualify for the title. A BBQ and Awards Ceremony will be held at the end of the competition.

Event Exercises

To help you train for the first IRON DOG competition ever, the exercises set forth below will be required. To qualify for the title IRON DOG each Team (Handler/Dog) must successfully complete each Stage. A Team which is unsuccessful in a Stage may, none-the-less, complete the remaining Stages but will not be qualified for the title.

The order of the competition is as follows: The first Group of Teams 1 to 6 will start Stage One with obedience and then move to draft followed by water. When the first Group has completed Stage One, the second Group of Teams 7 to 12 will start obedience and then move on to draft followed by water. Finally, when the second Group has completed Stage One, the third Group of Teams 13 to 18 will start obedience and then move on to draft followed by water.

All NCA Draft and Water regulations will be applicable to the competition.

Stage One – Obedience (1 Judge)

On Leash:
Healing Stand
Figure Eight

Off Leash:
Stand for Exam
1 minute sit (group exercise)
3 minute down (group exercise)

Stage Two

– Draft (2 Judges for each Group)
Dogs will be hitched and harnessed prior to entering the maneuvering area. At that point, the leash will be handed to the steward and the Team will proceed off-leash through the hitch check and maneuvering course which will be previewed by Handlers.

Upon entering the maneuvering area, the Judges will check the hitch and harness for safety, appropriateness and fit. The Team will be asked to move 20 feet and the judge will announce exercise finished.

Exercises will be as follows:
1.   Maneuvering Course (standard course)
2.   3 minute out of sight (group exercise)
3.   Freight Loading – the freight must be your water equipment which you will haul to the water; no other freight allowed.
4.   Freight Haul – at least 1 mile (course will not be walked in advance)

Stage Three

– Water (2 Judges)
The Draft Stage will end at the water. The Judges will perform an equipment check and Stage Three will begin. Exercises will be as follows:

1. Bumper retrieve (Junior exercise)
2. Double retrieve (Senior exercise. At the discretion of the Judges, this may become 2, single-drop retrieves)
3. Take-a-line (Junior exercise)
4. Underwater retrieve (Senior exercise)
5. Tow a boat (Junior exercise)


Laura Gallagher

Dawn Druge

Patti Sondgroth


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